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By Volunteers

To wrap up Volunteer Appreciation Month, we recognize some very special people who have consistently gone “far above and beyond”, devoting hundreds and hundreds of hours of service over many years, helping transform the lives they touch as well as our entire organization! We wanted to keep this short and sweet but we realized that our Superheroes were too sweet and super to keep this short!

Join us in honoring these Superheroes and their immeasurable contribution!  We truly can’t imagine a BCRC without them, nor do we want to!

Jamie, Rhonda and Charles AsSisters 2015

Rhonda Loeliger, BCRC Volunteer of the Year and AsSisters Volunteer of the Year

For almost ten years, Rhonda and her husband, Jon, have dedicated themselves to the BCRC, doing anything and everything needed, and we do mean anything and everything!  In 2015 alone, Rhonda devoted well over a hundred hours serving clients through our AsSisters program, spent countless hours recruiting, fundraising, motivating and training riders as Captain of Team BCRC for Mamma Jamma and has been an integral part of Art Bra® Austin’s success as Team Leader of Guest Services!  And all with that beautiful smile, compassionate heart and “I’ll do that” attitude that makes Rhonda the “over-achieving do-gooding Superhero Goddess” that she is!

“Rhonda has been a lifesaver, walking many extra miles and doing so much more than she originally volunteered for, which was to mow my lawn.  She is so open, warm and caring and has become my friend, my confidante and supporter.  I can’t imagine what I would have done without her. There is no finer person than Rhonda.” BCRC AsSisters client

Charles Milton, Jamie Dohrman – Special Recognition, AsSisters Volunteers

Charles has been a huge part of the BCRC for over nine years lending his expertise, hard work and compassionate action to everything including the Infusion Room Support program, Team Leader for Art Bra Austin , countless fundraising and outreach events and of course, our AsSisters program, devoting fifty-seven hours of service in 2015 alone.

“Charles not only took me to and from chemo because I couldn’t drive, but understood this was a time I was particularly weak and stayed with me through the entire treatment.”  “He made me feel like I had a safe place to talk about my cancer experiences and coordinated rides and meal delivery, removing that burden from me.”  BCRC AsSisters clients

Jamie was inspired to help serve clients, especially those with metastatic breast cancer, years ago, dedicating himself to providing the service needed to ease physical pain and provide much needed practical help.  This includes mowing lawns, providing home repair, installing appliances and so much more – he contributed seventy-six hours of service, just in 2015!  Charles, Jamie, you are the definition of “good people” and we’re eternally grateful to you for all that you’ve done and continue to do.

 “Jamie has done the things I can no longer do, saving me from countless HOA fines by tending to my yard and garden, fixing my garage door and sprinkler system and going above and beyond what I expected anyone would ever do for me.”  BCRC AsSisters client

Suzie LaPlant, Kathay Parker – Special Recognition, Infusion Room Support Volunteers

Suzie LaPlant was already a legend when I joined the BCRC in 2008, and after I met her it was easy to see why!  Queen of jokes (some just for adults) and witticisms, her upbeat personality is infectious – you know you’ll be smiling and laughing when Suzie’s in the room.  She’s also been supporting BCRC and our clients in many other ways for years and dedicates two days a week to patients at the Balcones location of Texas Oncology!

“Suzie, with her uplifting spirit and gift of gab, is our “go to” person when we see a patient is apprehensive and scared about having their first treatment.  She is highly respected by staff for her dedication and contribution to our patients.”  Texas Oncology Balcones

I remember Kathay telling me that she had been so inspired by the support she received from BCRC during a biopsy, that she would be volunteering as soon as she arranged care for her mom.  And that she did, immediately!  Involved in outreach, AsSisters and the Infusion Room Program, she has been devoting herself to patients two days each week at Texas Oncology North for many years now and has served as a valued mentor for other volunteers.

“Kathay is more like a trusted member of our staff, rather than a volunteer.  Her devotion and caring concern for our patients is unparalleled and her contribution to our center is immeasurable.”  Texas Oncology North

 Evan and Sarah ABA 2015Dynamic Duos Sarah and Evan Clifton, Trish Cooper and Sarah Breiner – Special Recognition, Art Bra Austin

Eight years ago, I was lucky enough to meet Sarah when she came to training to volunteer a few hours for a class she was taking at St. Eds.  She began by helping patients through our Infusion Room Support Program, quickly satisfying her class volunteer requirements, but instead of moving on, became even more involved and hasn’t left us since.  Talented, creative and unflappable, she very quickly became our “calm in a storm problem solver” at events and recruited Evan as our IT “solutions guru” and so much more!  For many years now, this Dynamic Duo have committed themselves to making us successful and we are grateful!

“It is safe to say, Art Bra Austin would not be the success it is today without the dedication of Sarah and Evan Clifton. Year after year, they have taken full responsibility for creating a registration experience that puts the guest first. Anyone who has been involved with special events understands that registration is the most stressful aspect of a large-scale fundraiser, and success depends upon a great first impression. Every year, Sarah and Evan have worked together to introduce technology-based solutions that have decreased wait times for guests and vastly improved the experience for registration volunteers. I am grateful to them for their humor, perseverance, and loyal friendship. I absolutely, positively would not want to conduct an event without them.” Robin Leonard, Director of Development

The first New Volunteer TrainTrish and Sarah ABA 2015ing class I held, I had the good fortune of meeting Trish Cooper.  Lucky us, she immediately began helping with outreach, events and anything else we needed.  Loving doing things together with her beautiful daughter Sarah, we were soon blessed with the other half of the “Super Trooper Cooper Team!  Taking on more responsibility and doing anything and everything needed, they have been crucial to the success of more events than we can count and we’re so thankful!

“I met Trish Cooper and Sarah Breiner five years ago, when they walked into the St David’s library to help with Art Bra Austin. They had no idea what they were walking into and they didn’t seem to care. With big smiles they offered to do whatever needed to be done. In the years since, they have both been instrumental in the growth and success of Art Bra Austin. Their dedication to BCRC and their commitment to every client we serve is nothing short of remarkable. Their volunteer service has always been infused with compassion and genuine love for the women we come together to support. To BCRC, they are selfless members of the volunteer core. To me, they are loyal, trusted friends I will love for the rest of my life.” Robin Leonard, Director of Development

Scare for a Cure, Jarrett Crippen – Special Recognition

Originally approaching us to be the beneficiary of funds raised through the Scare for a Cure haunt each year, Jarrett and Norma Crippen and other Scare volunteers have become not only very generous donors, but true partners…..family to us!  They embody the epitome of selfless giving, always going completely above and beyond what could be expected of anyone!  Not only do they work tirelessly throughout the year to ensure Scare for a Cure is a success – donating almost $200,000 to date – they are involved in all aspects of, and contribute to, everything we do!  Art Bra Austin, responsible for funding the mission of BCRC, is the success it is today, because of their involvement.  Jarrett, a professional emcee and Austin Police Detective, has donated his considerable talent as Art Bra Austin emcee for many years and quickly became BCRC’s official emcee for more events than we can count!  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!  Need something built, created, moved, loaded, unloaded, at 6am, 2am, on the weekends?  Work all day and volunteer all night?  Yep, it’s them!

All of us at the BCRC are eternally grateful for our Scare for a Cure Superheroes, Norma and Jarrett Crippen, Susan Pratt, Martha and Dave Ilger, Debra Buffington, Sarah and Evan Clifton, Zac and Amanda Stafford, Brooke Garrett, Crystal McGookey and the other amazing “Scare” volunteers.  Always there for us, making us better, getting it done, assisting clients, making magic – you know, the stuff of legends!

Interested in joining these superheros and volunteering at the BCRC?  Please contact Phyllis Rose, Director of Volunteer Services, prose@bcrc.org for more information.  

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